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Step one: Contact customer service to submit the application for repairment/maintainance.

In order to assure you happy shopping experience,Time100 offer you the after-sale service of one year warranty.
1、Within the one year warranty period, if the products have non-artificial quality problems under normal usage,Time100 offer you free maintainance and repairment. If the problem is caused by improper use, we can offer you life-long repairment at the lowest charge on repairment cost.

Step two: Ship the product to us together with the warranty file,invoice and other bills.

Step three: Make the payment for the repairment.

Step four: Wait for receiving the products after repairment.

The following situations are not included in the warranty terms,but we can offer you repairment service at lowest charge on the repairment cost.

a. Natural wear and tear, artificial damages.(such as surface broken,watch doesn’t work due to collision or impact.)
b. Under normal usage,watch gets scratched or strap gets abraded.
c. The outside parts get damaged due to accident or improper use.(such as the case,surface,glass,pointers,strap,crown etc. So please check them when you receive it and directly refuse to sign for it if there is something wrong with them.)
d. Damages caused due to not follow the instruction.( like taking baths or swimming with wearing non-waterproof watches)
e. Warranty period gets expired.

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